The 5 hottest new tech products 2016

The New world is now arrive with some awesome new gadgets to make life so interesting and easier. Here i am with 5 hottest new tech products that are going to make a revolution in this world.

1. Huawei Watch


The Huawei Watch is a smartwatch, packs scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, just like the Apple Watch, and a cold-forged, chrome steel uni body style. It comes in gold, silver or black and there are each fine-grain animal skin and cold-forged 316 L chrome steel strap choices. This is no rubber and plastic derogation – the Huawei Watch is trendy and superior. With a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 11.3mm, it is a bit a lot of compact than the new 42 mm Moto 360. The bezels also are simply 0.6 mm thick.


2. Hexoskin

Compared to alternative Bluetooth devices I’ve used, the Hexoskin provides immediate and correct feedback. The software system is additionally simple to know. Once you’ve logged in, you just click the sort of exertion you’reaiming to use and start your session. That’s it.

Hexoskin Service could be a free app that may be used to synchronize your exertion into the Hexoskin Dashboard, that you check in for once you purchase your unit. all of your data is keep during this server, providing you with comparable knowledge for all of your workouts. in addition, you’ll be able to offer access permission to coaches and friends World Health Organization might want updates on your progress. this is often useful if you’re on vacation, out of city, or in an exceedingly state of affairs wherever you wish remote work.

3. Lego Education

The Lego Education is a Basic Motorized Mechanisms Base Collection comes in a convenient storage space| box like the one shown above, and inside there are two storage compartments for pieces. The LEGOs all come in luggage like normal, however they aren’t organized together by compartment which is a LOT easier for all of us to sort.

But is actually okay, we managed to get them all segregated after a bit. And they do provide you with a picture that shows where all of the pieces can go to make them better to find during the building process. Additionally, In addition, helps when adding pieces away later.

4. HTC Vive Pre

The HTC Vive is the most expensive option in the current virtual reality headset series, beating the? 500 Ouverture Rift and? 300 Ps VR. But why the high price? The THE ALL NEW HTC Vive offers an unequalled experience by providing users with the possibility to not only to research the virtual environment but bodily walk around and communicate with {the surroundings using unique handheld controllers. With the Oculus Rift and THE ALL NEW HTC Vive now available for purchase, the question should be asked – is the HTC Vive worth the? 689 asking price We’ve spent some time with the HTC Vive Pre, and here’s what we thought.

5. Drones

One of the foremost exciting drones of the year is improved Hubsan H107D. It takes a solid foundation, upgrades all the elements associated integrates an FPV system into the radio controller. Yes, which means that you simply will fly your drone while not even seeing it, exploitation solely the on-board camera that’s relaying the video feed real time.thus what makes the Hubsan drone good? Well for one, you’ll be able to use it sort of a computer game, piloting the Hubsan H107D drone round the house, through obstacles or outside, in places you have ne’er gone before.