Big Brother: The Love Seat

This piece of furniture is not only very comfortable and constantly used, it is also strategically located at the corner of a hallway, so the lounging houseguests can keep an eye on many places at once while planning their own schemes. This is a favorite spot for Sheila and Allison, who have James and Chelsia convinced that they are lesbians, which is merely just a ploy.


Joshuah and Sharon are ruling the house with iron fists now that they have won HoH. They put up Matt and Natalie (again) and Ryan and Allison. Joshuah HATES Allison, and has the rest of the house convinced that they hate her too, so it looked like it was definitely them going home next week. But it all depended on the Power of Veto competition.


Well, Matt and Natalie won the POV, so they will be taking themselves off the block, which means Josh and Amanda need to choose someone else to go up on the block, whom they have not revealed just yet.

I don;t understand why Joshuah has not been the target in any of these weeks, as he is simply the most manipulative player and therefore, the most dangerous player in th house. I see a big target on his back next week, unless he still has the remaining houseguests under his spell then as well.
Matt and Natalie “Hook up”

This is so hilarious! Even after Matt kept dissing his partner Natalie, telling everyone that she hangs all over him and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her romantically…they did the deed Thursday night. And by the deed, I really mean a BJ.

I guess Valentine’s day just took over. Will this bring them closer together or drive them farther apart? Either way, they need to work as a team to survive in the house. I suspect that Matt is just using Natalie. For what? We shall see.

The Head of Household competition was a bit odd, with the house guests having to guess what the majority would choose to live without in the house, such as not having cups, or getting a margarita party or not having a washer/dryer to do laundry in. James and Chelsia rose victorious and are ready to stir up the bee’s nest in the house.

Can you say “convoluted”? Wow, I guess all of the creativity stifled during the writers strike was channeled to the Big Brother writers. This season is going to rock! I look forward to seeing what happens with Jen and Ryan with them being paired with other “mates”. And of course the gay guys will keep us on our toes – eeeyouu! “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”.

So does anyone care to make any predictions on how these “soulmate” pairings will turn out? Please feel free to chime in with comments.